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Tombow Oceanic Zoom Pen

Looking like a sort of modern sculpture (and maybe really is), this is one of the most iconic writing instruments produced by Tombow and beautifully designed by Daniel Nebot in 1989 and awarded Plus Design in 1993.

Oceanic Zoom is certainly the most elegant, evocative, ergonomic, extra light and desirable object ever!

Beautiful to look at, so enjoyable to use. Available in different versions and tactile finishes, Oceanic Zoom by Tombow is one of the accessories classified in one definition only: irresistible.

Discontinued by the manufacturer, Oceanic has recently became one of the most collectable, re-lovable and must have objects. If you have one already, don’t give it up or throw it away. In short time its value will reach unexpected levels because of the round shape and sophisticated “velvet” tactile sensation in the hand. Keep it jealously safe and display or use with regular care. Absolutely unique

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