The new Resources Economy

Although for years we have heard of innovation, it is true that in recent times the economic state of different countries and of the global community has required a true reflection on the programmatic meaning of this word.

Innovation, over time, has assumed different conceptual nuances that have made it almost a hackneyed word, decontextualized from everyday life, tied only to technology.

But we know that is not so!

Innovation is a state of mind, a re-edition of an idea looked at with different eyes, with a more open heart, or simply with a different openness.

Today this word is becoming increasingly important because it is not tied to an improvement of something, or to a particular technological application, but is associated with a new way to think, act, interact, share.

The word innovation, then, was stripped of its robe purely related to technology and entered into the daily life of all of us.

Innovation is that action that responds to the particular needs of each of us to change our lives and to find a solution to the many problems that this crisis has brought.

Innovation has brought a new way of dealing with the crisis; not to think about the problems but to focus on solutions.

This has prompted a new creative spirit in managing daily problem solving that is giving life to that talent, sometimes unspoken, of the many young people that were wrapped in the cosmic pessimism of their lives which are full of problems but that, with this new vision, become full of potential solutions.

All this, thanks to the word ‘innovation’, has become a stimulus to take hold of of the discourse that links mind, heart and stomach of the younger generations who have little, but want to do more thanks to their new way to of understanding innovation as a resource.

This "resource", because of global innovation overall, becomes the true complement of "innovation" and exists to the extent that anyone can contribute in an innovative way to the development of services or products that could "change the world".

The real revolution of innovation in the years 2010 - 2020 is one that shows the inner creative human resources that each of us has alongside economic ones, which, with the right code, everyone can access, bringing to the company a global ethical concept that enables a coherent and concrete shift from the money economy of 80's - 90's new Capitalism  to today’s valuable ‘resources’.



Biografia di Francesco Giuri

Da più di 15 anni, Francesco Giuri svolge la sua attività di project designer in diversi campi scientifici.

Dopo aver maturato una grande esperienza in importanti gruppi industriali come FIAT, Alcatel e ALITALIA GROUP, ha progettato importanti iniziative per il politecnico di Bari e altre istituzioni pubbliche e private d'eccellenza.

La versatilità della preparazione scientifica gli ha permesso negli ultimi anni di occuparsi di Logic design di software per realtà nazionali e di mentorship per Start Up giovanili. Attualmente supporta lo sviluppo di giovani imprese territoriali accompagnandole a diventare parte attiva del tessuto economico locale con uno sguardo attento alla integrazione digitale globale ed ai mercati esteri.

For more than 15 years, Francesco Giuri  worked as project designer in various scientific fields. Having gained a great experience in important industrial groups such as FIAT, Alcatel and ALITALIA GROUP, he has developed important initiatives for the Politecnico di Bari and other prominent public and private institutions.

The versatility of his scientific background allowed him in recent years to deal with Logic software design for national realities and mentorship for young Start-ups. He currently supports the development of local start-ups enabling them to become an active part of the local economic fabric with an attentive eye towards  global digital inclusion and to foreign markets.