About Us

Welcome to  Tablet2.0 – an online community magazine. Tablet is a new medicine to cure, alleviate or prevent specific disorders; Tablet is not the panacea against all the old and new troubles that modern life, too often, requires us bear.

Tablet is not even a politically motivated psycho-drug to be taken in case of no confidence in governments of all kinds, or in moments of particular historical and social tension and depression.

Tablet is a collective project that involves several freelancers who offer interesting contributions and independent viewpoints, exploring together topics concerning a variety of socio-cultural customs and social organisations.

The project Tablet2.0 is the brainchild of Francesco Giuri, expert and consultant in project planning and an enterprise start-up manager and Guglielmo Greco Piccolo, art director, marketing expert and cultural connector, with the help of Damian Killeen OBE, retired social director of the social enterprise The Poverty Alliance and chairperson of the NGO Big Things on the Beach, a public art trust . Tablet2.0 is an information tool that has not connected with any specific campaign or political party.

Tablet2.0 - Free Community Online Magazine, has developed from the idea of exploring themes of socio-cultural interest with the point of strength being a DPOV (Different Point Of View); each central theme  will be accompanied by two or more items expressing different views. The different points of view and experience with respect to a particular issue or topic will form the basis for making each issue more sponaneous and independent.

You can take Tablet regularly because it requires no prescription or medical supervision.

Warning: Tablet2.0 might cause symptoms of addictive and exciting behaviour involving creativity and public engagement. In this case, read carefully the instructions for each possible form of active participation.


The places where we live, our cultural baggage and experience, our backgrounds, personalities and analytic capabilities, all determine and reinforce our views with  respect to the things that happen around us.